Paneling production line

Ref: C2893
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Technical characteristics

Production line: paneling, baseboards, moldings, parquet

Coating : paper, PVC, veneer

Support : Agglo, MDF

Productivity of 50 pallets / day

Line visible on site 


Line composed of six units :

1) BARGSTEDT panel destacker


2 lifting tables

Panels 3000x2100x600

400V 3Ph+N 63A


2) Multi-blade saw PAUL + 3 shafts Ø 100


DIM panels 2200 speed 63m/min

400V 3Ph+N 75kW



Feed 60m/min

Chrome plated table

5 shafts (right, left, right, top, bottom)

400V 3Ph 50kW

Mechanization entry and exit


4) FRIZ coating machine

PU 15/45S

Width 450mm

Feed 60m/min

400V 3Ph+n

Loader, belt sander width 60mm, universal sanding unit 0,75kW

Mechanization entry and exit


5) HOMAG double tenoning machine


400V 3Ph+n 200A

Width 300mm

2x1 straightening unit

2x1 double shredder (bottom top) 3,5kW

2x1 standard milling unit 6kW

2x1 universal milling unit 4,5kW

2x1 universal milling unit 3,5kW

2x1 universal milling unit 1kW

2x1 universal milling unit 0,75kW

2x1 sanding unit

2x1 sanding unit

2x3 KURTZ hot transfer units

Mechanization entry and exit

Sorting and quality control


6) Bundling and palletizing

Bundling :

400V 3Ph+n 32A

Piece size 3000mm x 300mm

Shrink wrapping :

400V 3Ph+n 33kW

2 reel magazines + oven

Package dimensions 250mm x 3000mm

Shrink oven

Palletizer :

400V 3Ph+n 63A

10 pallets magazine 3000mm x 700mm

Mechanization of entry and exit

Power and Motors

Pluging: Three-phased

Overall dimensions

Length: 53000 mm
Width: 26000 mm

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