CNC machining and flow center for PVC window frames PVCFLEX 8001

Ref: C2688
48000 € HT.
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Technical characteristics

Machine composition:

Automatic flat bar loader
Capacity 10 bars + 1 on the raceway
Minimum part length 1000 mm
Maximum part length 6500 mm

Bar feed with 3 digital axes capacity 6500 mm
Movement of the gripper at a speed of 220 m / min
Profile gripped at its end
Gripper capacity 6500 mm

2 digital axis machining group equipped with 14 machining units
Frame in mechanically welded beams equipped with prismatic rails
Vertical machining units above, vertical below, horizontal front and horizontal rear
Milling spindles 2.2 kW, speed 2000 to 20,000 rpm, adjustable by frequency converter with continuous programming
3000 rpm drilling spindles equipped with single-spindle chucks with collets or multi-spindle boxes
4 machining units per side

Sleeping ventilation milling
Ø 12 mm packing hole drilling
Crutch drilling
Lock milling
Joint edging for mechanical assembly on flange

Milling dormant water evacuation

Milling water evacuation intermediate sleeper cross member
Sliding frame water evacuation milling
Opening water discharge point
Dormant anti-panic checkpoint
Sleeping firefighter gear and flapping
2 empty spaces


Simple cremone bolt case milling
Milling of the cylinder lock case
Sliding carriage milling

Sliding sleeper decompression drilling
Drilling of dead mullion strike
External flap fixing drilling
Opening seat wedge drilling
Drilling opening and frame mechanical assembly
Pre-drilling smoke extraction opening latch
Opening firefighter cremone bolt
Opening pre-drilling OB
Sliding carriage pre-drilling
Pre-drilling of opening keeper fixing

Fixed cylinder drilling

Drilling of the opening handle
Pre-drilling of opening seal cover studs

Opening ventilation milling
Milling new FERCO follower return
Joint edging for mechanical assembly on sash

Dormant OB drilling
Front fixing drilling (attention drilling Ø 5.5 mm)
M-TEC opening and fixed hinge drilling

Drilling of the fixed plate
Anti-panic opening pre-drilling
Pre-drilling for MISTRAL and VENTUS smoke extraction frame and sash
Sliding stopper pre-drilling
Pre-drilling for door closer

Opening water evacuation milling
Milling intermediate cross member opening
Drilling for mechanical assembly on frame

Sliding frame decompression milling
Drilling of fixed reinforcement screws and mechanical assembly
External flap fixing drilling
Edging for striker passage

Sliding frame ventilation milling
Edging on frame for decompression and mechanical assembly

Deadbolt drilling
Pre-drilling smoke extraction deadbolt

Sawing station (45 °, 90 ° and 135 ° cuts) with 1 digital axis
Saw block blade Ø 500 mm for straight cut (90 °)
Saw block 2 saw blades Ø 500 mm positioned at 45 ° and 135 ° vertically
Device for crossing the two blades for pointed cuts on sleepers or intermediate uprights
Fall evacuation system
Average drops up to 800 mm will be evacuated under the finished parts storage plan

Output transfer by motorized belt to finished parts storage plan
Ejection by cylinder capacity 3500 mm
Capacity about 20 pieces

Manual label printer
Printing of alphanumeric text and / or barcode

Main electrical cabinet equipped with a 4 + 2 axis digital control


Machine panel equipped with a PC control computer

WINDOWS 2000 15 '' PC monitor computer
Control software with post processor for connection to the machining module of your CAM software CHACAL

Protection cabin for the saw block and the machining unit

Evacuation of falls

Opening water drainage hole
Drilling for mechanical assembly on mullion
Joint edging for mechanical assembly on mullion
Decompression of the mullions

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