Truss frame CK14A

Ref: C2835
78000 € HT.
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Technical characteristics

Main components of the machine:
- Longitudinal sliding frames of the 4 special carriages for blocking and moving the pieces. Working field 14 ml. (X axis)
- The horizontal and vertical workpiece clamps can be automatically deactivated by CAD/CAM to allow the machining of larger than standard workpieces or to avoid collisions with the clamping devices. If the machining operations require it, the slides can be automatically replaced. The structure on which the part is clamped automatically tilts by 90° to allow the machining of the lower side of the beam.
- Central frame where the beam is fixed (in transverse direction with respect to the rails)
- 1 machining unit fixed to the beam
- Perimeter cabin delimiting the machining area of the operating unit
Machining unit consisting of :
- Transverse slide (Y axis)
- Vertical slide (Z axis)
- Bi-rotary head (B and C axis)
- 17 kW synchronous spindle with speed up to 18,000 rpm, coolant and HSK-63E cone tool holder
- Workable sections: 1000mm (600mm in double vices) X ep.300mm

 5-axis machine control (bi-rotary head) with Tool Center Point (TCP)
 CAD/CAM software
 Cooling unit of the electro-spindle with cooling liquid.
 Automatic lubrication system
 1 horizontal tool magazine with 12 stations HSK63E
 Pre-loading and selection system
 Unloading system, made up of 6 supports with idle rollers for unloading the machined part
 Waste removal conveyor belt
 Light curtains in front of the machine on the loading/unloading areas and perimeter barriers.

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