4-sided planer - K43 - C2467

Ref: C2467
38000 € HT.
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Technical characteristics

Constant table height
Work surface 800 mm from the ground
Displacement of the upper part ensured by a synchronized worm drive mechanism and by 4 chrome columns
Upper part ascent device operated by DUPLEX chains and hardened sprockets
Reading of thicknesses by graduated ruler and magnifying glass
Machine table with interchangeable plates
Comb-shaped table lips for noise reduction
Advance via 6 driven rollers don 3 in the upper part and 3 in the table
All upper rollers movable; displacement in height while respecting parallelity
1st upper roller notched and pneumatically operated
2nd upper roller notched and pneumatically operated
3rd roller smooth and with mechanical action
1st notched table roller
2nd and 3rd smooth table roll
All rollers greater than Ø 180 mm
All table rollers Ø 120 mm
Roller drive by gearmotors, bevel gears, Duplex chains and cardan shafts, the entire drive system is housed in closed boxes on the right side of the machine; maintenance is reduced to a minimum


Machine also equipped with:

Anti-return fingers at the top
Pressure pads above the lower shaft
Pneumatically and mechanically actuated sectioned presses before the upper shaft
Tool holder with cone clamping, interchangeable, length 430 mm, Ø 200 mm and with 4 irons, lower P / 0 with fine adjustment
Powers installed:

Lower horizontal shaft: 11 kW / 15 hp
Upper horizontal shaft: 15 kW / 20 hp
Advance: 7.5 kW / 10 hp
Displacement upper frame: 3 kW / 4 hp
Independent control cabinet with 3 m cable for connecting to the machine
Control and emergency stop elements fixed on the machine
Pneumatic equipment:

Machine equipped with quick couplings, separator, manometer, required pressure 6 bars

Additional equipment:

Vertical zone with front piece and arrangement of the table outlet to accommodate the right and left vertical shafts, displacement over the entire working width
The set also includes: main rule, upper pressers, lateral pressure pad, chip collecting hoods for tools with 180 mm cutting circle, 35 mm height displacement, tool holder Ø 142 mm, planing height 250 mm - motors of 11 kW each
Upper chamfering units, adjusted to the circumferential diameter of the tools of the upper tool-holder shaft, mounted to the extractor, laterally adjustable by rigid fixing with the vertical units, disconnectable and discountable from the worktop
Extraction device adjustable on columns, 2 driven upper rollers, idle rollers in the table
Digital readout of planing height with pre-selection
Digital readout of the planing width with pre-selection

Installation of the machine in a soundproofing booth

Sliding doors are provided on the long sides for changing irons and maintenance

Entrance and exit sides of the woods with window

Electric door locks only allowing opening after the working shafts have come to a complete stop

Useful width: 420mm
Useful height: 300 mm

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