Used wood, alu & PVC machines

Every confirmed order implying an immediate or future delivery represents the formal acceptation of these following conditions:


Every confirmed order has an irrevocable character. If for any reason the seller would conclude to the rescission of the order, the confirmed down payments will stay acquired (compliant to art.1590 of the Civil Code). In every case, compensation equal to 15% of the total price without tax will be due under penal clause except contrary stipulation.
No special order can be cancelled. We are not bound by the commitments of our representatives or employees except by express validation coming from the Management department from our social siege.


All prices and information shown on our catalogues and offers aren't contractual. We reserve the right to bring all form, dimension or material modifications to the machines present on our printed or on line presentations.
The merchandise is invoiced at the moment of the delivery, including the balance payment. Our prices are without taxes, Incoterm 2020 EXW condition, excluding packaging. Transportation and insurance are at the buyers charge, except contrary convention. The VAT percentage value will be the one in vigor at the invoicing date of the merchandise.

Delay / Expiration

Without express convention, the delay is given at an indicative manner and is not rigorous. The exceeding of this delay doesn't imply any cancellation or compensations. For new machines it is due to the manufacturer conditions. The machines travel at the risks, dangers and costs assumed by the buyer even if the process is free of charge. The buyers are asked to confirm the unloading of the merchandise only after inspection of the good condition of the delivery.(Conform to the Assurance code)
Important: If there is damage found; need to proceed to recourse against the transport company by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt under a delay of 48 hours, even if the transport was free of charge.


For the new products, the guaranty is that provided by the manufacturer. Our second hand products are sold without guaranty except express stipulation. The guaranty doesn't cover random incidents or force majeure cases, or any replacements or reparations that come from the normal using of the product, deteriorations or accidents coming from negligence, lack of surveillance or maintenance and misusing of material.
The guaranty covers only the providing of parts recognized as damaged by the constructor or by our technical services. Guaranty doesn't apply to the necessary workforce needed for reparations, modifications or replacement of parts. Reparation, modification or replacement of parts during the guaranty period doesn't extend this period.


Our invoices are payable on spot, without reception discount, excepting express stipulation. Each order is considered “valid” after written confirmation of the order document and accompanied by a down payment of 30% of the total amount.
Every delay of payment will bring at the clients charge a penalty of penal clause title equal to 12% of the invoice value (Art. 1153 of the Civil Code), furthermore, compliant to in effect legislation (Law 80.335 of 12 May 1980) delay penalties equal to 1,5 times the legal interest rate are applied for every payment done after the payment date stipulated on the invoice.
Until the balance of the invoice isn't entirely paid, the merchandise will remain the property of the seller (Law 80.335 of 12 May 1980).


Without contrary stipulation, the balance payment needs to intervene at the moment the merchandise is available for the client and at the reception of final invoice
In case of litigation only the NEVERS Tribunal is competent to react, even when guaranty is evoked or no matter the special conventions that could have been noted on the order concerning the delivery or payment.
In case of judiciary settlement, goods liquidation or suspension of proceedings: the buyer has the obligation to warn the seller without delay of the court decision concerning these elements or any other legal decision implying the object of the proceedings. The buyer also has the obligation to tell the seller the list of persons or companies that he would have given, ceded or resold the products making the object of the retention of title clause.