Machining center VENTURE 5

Ref: C2664
39000 € HT.
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Technical characteristics

Axe C 360°(4eme axe)
Horizontal drilling unit

console table with LED positioning system

vacuum clamping system

6 x adjustable workpiece supports

stop cylinders

8 stops mounted on the back

6 stops mounted on the front

4 positioning aids for heavy parts

free-standing suction cups 114 x 160 x 100 mm

125 x 75 x 100 mm suction cups for narrow free-standing parts


Machining configuration:

V25 vertical drilling unit

2.7 kW

Horizontal drilling unit H4X / 2Y

Groove sawing unit for X-Y machining rotatable 90 °

Cutting depth: 30 mm

Tool diameter: 125 mm

HSK63 automatic tool change spindle - 12 kW

Automatic tool changer magazine with 14 positions on the driven X support, HSK63 fixing

Tool weight mx 5 kg total weight

Automatic tool changer magazine for 8 places on the X and Y driven support

Tool insert aid device


CNC control and software:

Control cabinet

WINDOWS XP operating system

15 inch screen

USB connection

RJ45 ethernet link

WOODWOP software

X working plan dimensions: 3250 mm
Y working plan dimensions: 1250 mm
Z working plan dimensions: 150 mm
Course X axis: 4010 mm
Course Y axis: 1790 mm
Course Z axis: 400/150 mm
Rotation speed: 1250 à 24000 tr/mn
X advance speed: 80 m/min
Y advance speed: 60 m/min
Z advance speed: 20 m/min

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